2014 Primary Results; Delgado Will Not Get Second Term
By Nate Wisneski - Kalihwisaks (email Nate)

The Oneida Tribe will have a new Chairperson this summer as incumbent Ed Delgado was defeated in the primary elections on Saturday, May 10.

Current Vice-Chairman Greg Matson and current Treasurer Tina Danforth will face-off for the top Oneida Business Committee (OBC) position in the July 12 General Election.

Voter Dr. Sandy Dennett would have liked access to more information about the candidates before she casted her ballot.

“It was difficult, we didn’t have a forum before the primary. I spent time with three different friends getting their viewpoint. I spent a lot of time trying to make a decision,” she said.

Dennett feels qualified candidates should emphasize their business credentials.

“We need people that are business oriented. I understand our values and how we need to work towards those but if we aren’t in balance financially we can’t move toward our values as much,” said Dennett.

July’s General Election will also have Melinda Danforth and Cathy L. Metoxen facing off for the Vice-Chair position, Trish King and David Jordan battling for Treasurer, and Lisa Summers verse Cathy Bachhuber for the Secretary position. The 15 candidates moving on for the Council positions are listed below.

The majority of the OBC will feature new faces this August. Secretary Patty Hoeft, and Councilmembers Paul Ninham and Vince Dela Rosa did not seek re-election. Current Chairman Ed Delgado was defeated and either Vice-Chairman Greg Matson or Treasurer Tina Danforth will not return as one of them is elected as Chair.

The 2014 General Election is slated for July 12.

Saturday’s primary was the second in tribal history after it was first utilized in the 2011 election. It narrows the field for OBC Officer positions to two and the OBC Council positions to 15.

Preliminary 2014 Primary Election Results
Total Vote Breakdown

*Moved onto July’s General Election

*Greg Matson 343
*Tina Danforth 324
Mark Powless 238
Ed Delgado 147
Gary Jordan 132
Donald Webster 59
Chaz Wheelock 20

*Melinda Danforth 946
*Cathy L. Metoxen 196

Ryan Gerhardt 94

*Trish King 657
*David Jordan 423

Leah Sue Dodge 163

*Lisa Summers 574
*Cathy Bachhuber 340

Leyne Orosco 315

*Tehassi Hill 625
*Brandon Stevens 609
*Jenny Webster 367
*Danelle Wilson 321
*Linda Dallas 308
*Winnifred Thomas 291
*Fawn Billie 259
*Stan Webster 259
*Chris Cornelius 254
*Bernie Stevens 252
*Ben Vieau 241
*Dan Skenandore 238
*Bart Cornelius 223
*Debra Powless 221
*Brenda John Stevens 197

Daniel Guzman-King 185
Mike Mousseau 133
Mike Debraska 131
Wesley Martin, Jr. 128
Todd (Moon) Hill 96
Anthony Franco 93
Simon De Coteau 92
Daniel King 80
Joey Powless 75
Jon Adams 65
Dawn Delebreau-Alt 65
Thomas Espinosa 35

Posted: May 12, 2014