Why buy Oneida, why buy local?   

All of our products and services are open to the public.  

Local markets are good for our health, good for our natural resources, good
for our economy and good for our community. People enjoy the benefits of
local, seasonal and sustainably grown and produced foods. Local markets
help small farmers keep their family farms in agriculture rather than
selling their land for urban sprawl. Local farmers farming with "Best Use" 
agricultural practices help keep our soil, water and air clean.

Food security is quickly becoming a priority as we read about food
contamination, pesticides, chemicals, hormones, antibiotics, animal
diseases, genetically modified seeds, and inhumane industrial

farm practices. As food costs increase due to higher fuel costs, 
there is more hunger and disparity in access to food. Local
communities can take the initiative to protect their food sources and the
environment around them to ensure a healthy and abundant food supply.

 The Oneida Nation Farm operates a cattle and bison operation, from our
farm to your table.
No steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or animal byproducts
are used. The Oneida Nation Farm features a “Point-of-Origin” cow-calf
pasture, a beef feedlot, and pastured Bison herd.

The Apple Orchard has 40 acres of orchard with 26 different varieties.
It has a variety of local meats such as: Black Angus and Buffalo steaks,
roasts and hamburgers. In addition they have fresh produce such as:
strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, sweetcorn, squash, pumpkins.

Tsyunhehkwa (joon-hey-qwa) program is a culturally and community based
agricultural entity of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. The program consists
of two components, Agricultural & Cannery. The Agricultural component is
located on a Certified Organic 80-acre site, which provides grass-fed beef,
free range poultry, farm fresh eggs and organic produce.  The Cannery
processes not only our products, but items produced by other areas of the
Nation and the Community.

So buy your natural Black Angus meat from the Oneida Farm, your produce
from the Oneida Apple Orchard, and get your certified organic produce
and food processing needs from

Your Satisfaction is the Difference!


If you are interested in continuing to look your best and feel great, you should consider eating buffalo meat rather than beef. Buffalo is even better for you than chicken or fish. If you don't know how to cook buffalo you can download an excellent 'Cooking With Buffalo' recipe book by clicking on the link.

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