I lost my license. How do I get another one?

To apply, you must visit a DMV service center. The fee for a duplicate license or permit is $4 and an identification (ID) card is $6.
A duplicate license, instruction permit or ID card is required when:
·        You change your name
·        Your license, permit or ID card is lost or stolen
·        You have truly changed gender, (requiring proof by court order or physician's report)
·        Your date of birth is incorrect (requiring proof of date of birth. If birth certificate, it must be a certified copy, not hospital certificate).
If your license, permit or ID card has or is about to expire you must renew it.
Commercial drivers are required to obtain a duplicate license if their address changes.
In all cases, proof of identity is required on a document that contains your full name, and a signature or photo. You must also know your social security number. It is recommended that you bring your social security card with you at the time of application.
If you are under 18 years of age, and applying for a duplicate license or instruction permit, this requires re-sponsorship, by a parent or legal guardian. If under 18 years of age and obtaining a duplicate instruction permit, proof of current enrollment in the behind-the-wheel portion of an approved driver education course is needed. Proof of entire course completion is also acceptable.
Acceptable documents for proof of:
·        Name and date of birth
·        Identity