Oneida Nation School System Philosophy

The source of our continued survival emerges from our Oneida cultural beliefs. We have always placed a high value on living in harmony with all living things the Creator has placed upon and around Mother Earth. Our culture has valuable lessons and concepts, which must be transferred to our children in order to meet the many challenges of the future, they will undoubtedly face.

We feel that an atmosphere based upon the founding principles of the Iroquois Confederacy, many of which are included in the United States Constitution, is vital to Oneida students developing an understanding and practice of mutual respect.

 The Oneida Nation School is dedicated to recognizing the individuals worth, dignity and mutual respect between all people, young and old, as well as, members of the world family. This dedication provides the encouragement for each child to feel accepted and valued. The Oneida Nation School presents each student with the opportunity to experience and learn the responsibility of caring and accepting others.

 The Nation School will continue to revitalize our Oneida language and culture by using Oneida ideas and materials throughout the school building wherever learning can be made most meaningful to Oneida Students.

 Through the strength of the Oneida language and culture, our responsibility to our children and to the generations to come is to prepare Oneida students for leadership roles and positions of responsibility.



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