Paternity Establishment  

Paternity establishment is the legal term for determining the father of the child. If the parents were married when the child was born, the husband is the legal father noted on the child's birth certificate. 

turtle  Genetic Testing

If a father does not agree that the child is his, a genetic test must be done. This simple test can be done with a small sample of saliva. Either parent may request the test. Or, it can be required by child support or ordered by the court. Both parents and the child must be tested. After all three parties have been tested, results usually come back within two weeks.

bear  Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement

 If the father agrees that he is the father, both parents may complete a Voluntary Paternity Acknowledgement form.

wolf  Court-Ordered Paternity

Paternity can be established by a court order if a party refuses to be tested.

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