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In August of 1995 they developed a retail area to provide tea’s, tinctures, vitamins, health care products and continue to sell our canned products. With the opening of the retail area we became more aware of the health problems our nation and community was facing. The customers were requesting natural medicinal remedies and tinctures to help with high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, hyper activity, arthritis, weight control and menopause to name a few. Again, we were shown the importance of the relationship between healthy choices and health problems. With the help and recommendations from the Salish Tribal area, we developed products and services to meet these needs. We have one retail location that consists of 1,600 square feet and offers more than 1,500 products to choose from.

The Oneida Nation has always strived to maintain and increase its cultural and historical life ways and practices. As stated within the Nation’s Vision and Mission, we have pursued this directive by our current practice and responsibilities to the Nation and Community. Several Studies have reported that the request and search for organic and natural products and services have continued to rise for several years. These reports tell us that people are looking for those products and services that do not contain chemicals, by-products and do not harm the environment. The current industry of organic and natural products continue to grow, including their demand. People are constantly asking for products and services other than what we currently offer. However, these requests are always resembling a healthier lifestyle or those that are environmentally safe. We see ourselves within many goals and objectives for the Oneida Nation. We not only pursue and practice traditional ways and customs, we provide an economical benefit to the Nation. 

The Oneida Market is located at 501 Packerland Drive in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We are on the corner of Packerland and Larsen Road. The retail area assist customers and clients with product selection and provides information on traditional uses of herbs and essential oils, research healthcare topics, and initiates our product development. Our store is small, yet we maintain more than 1,500 product selections of natural and holistic health care, naturally clean homes, pet care, and vitamin and mineral supplements. We also offer a selection of reading/reference materials. All products by the Cannery are available at the store. Specialty Gift baskets are available, and are custom made. Our customers and clientele are from all over the state, including the national market. We ship anywhere in the world, and have continued to make contacts and sales on an international level.

The Retail Store gives the customers and clients the chance to purchase their natural items, which include Teas, Herbs, Coffee, Health and Body Care, and essential Oils. Other items we provide that are processed at the Cannery include Jams, Jellies, Pickles, Salsa, Apple Sauce, Apple Chips, and Apple Butter. We also produce our own First Aid salve, Athletes Foot Slave, Arnica Pain Salve, Skin Care Salve, Toothpaste and a variety of other products made with our Essential Oils and other ingredients.

Organic and natural production of produce and products has been increasing for more than 10 years. Consumer demand for such products that fall into these categories, has been one contributing factor in the growth of this industry. Ten years ago, you would not see the term organic in your local grocery store or supermarket. Today, you will find specific areas for natural and organic products, and an increasing selection and variety.

Many retailers in the local listings that provide holistic health products and services began their operations in the past ten years. Since then the number of entities and retailers that provide similar services and products has continued to grow. In the past three years, we have had more contacts with entities and individuals offering their similar products and services, and requesting that we work together to meet the needs of the public. It appears that we could attribute the growth to the public awareness of the benefits of natural and organic foods and natural health products. We have offered and provided many of our products and services with our two components of the Agriculture and Cannery. The relationship we have with one another is symbiotic.

Retail has a preferred customer Email contact list you should sign up for. Many notices and sales are provided in this communication, and you need to contact the Store to sign up. Our retail has maintained a steady schedule of hours to ensure we can meet their needs. Mail service is used in its many fashions, to have our products reach the customer and client. Store hours are Monday through Friday, 7:am - 8:pm, Saturday and Sunday 9;am - 5pm.

We all attend and participate in training opportunities on an annual basis, which is shared with the people through presentations, tours and workshops. Many of the visitors to our site have been from around the world, and it has been an honor for us to share with them our knowledge and purpose. Any questions we can help with please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

Crystal Meltz, Retail Supervisor

Oneida Market 
501 Packerland Drive, Suite B 
Green Bay, WI 54303
(920) 496-5127 

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